Dr. Cartmell offers fun, information-packed, and motivating workshops that will provide you with parenting tools that you can put to work with your children right away. Mom’s groups, parent organizations, and church groups will find Dr. Cartmell’s workshops inspiring and filled with practical guidance that will equip them to effectively handle the challenges of parenting.

Here are a sample of the comments from participants in Dr. Cartmell’s workshops:

“Excellent, practical, fun approaches to the subject.”
“Helpful information delivered in an effective way.”
“Very dynamic speaker!”
“Great sense of humor and presentation of examples.”
“Offers very practical solutions that can be applied immediately.”
“What a great booster shot to my parenting!”
“Good practical methods, easy to understand and use.”


If you want a job done right, you need the right tools.  As a child psychologist with over 20 years of experience with families, Dr. Todd Cartmell knows what works in parenting and what doesn’t.  In this fun and engaging workshop, based on the book of the same name, you will learn eight simple tools for raising great kids and building a close and connected family.  The eight tools include:

Talking, listening, influencing, connecting, teaching, encouraging, correcting, and leading.

You will leave this workshop loaded with practical tips that will help you communicate effectively, powerfully influence your kids, and turn negative behavior into positive learning experiences.  You will laugh, but more importantly, you will learn to use all eight tools that will help you build great habits into your kids and a close family for years to come. 


Do you have kids who argue, badger, and complain when they don’t get their way?  Weekly?  Daily?  Minute by minute?  Take heart, you are not alone.  Join Dr. Todd Cartmell for this fun, interactive workshop where you will learn not just why your kids get mad, but how you can teach them to be flexible instead.  Flexible thinking is a skill that kids of every age need to learn to handle home, school, and peer situations in a respectful and friendly way.  You will learn how to:

-Introduce flexible thinking to kids of all ages.  -Teach your kids the TOP FIVE flexible thoughts. -Practice flexible thinking with your kids in a fun way. -Coach your kids “on-the-spot” in real-life situations.

Start teaching your kids to turn off the mad and turn on the flexible today!


Are you tired of yelling at the kids? Do you dream of just one day with no arguing or whining? Are you tired of fighting against the TV world that rewards disrespectful behavior with a laugh track? Have you read every parenting book on the planet and yet nothing ever changes? 

In the Respectful Kids workshop, child psychologist Dr. Todd Cartmell will help you transform your kids’ disrespectful behavior into new respectful habits that can change your family. Learn power-packed Biblical strategies for teaching respectful behavior, turning on respectful behavior, and turning off disrespectful behavior. 

Filled with humor and practical ideas that you can use right away, Dr. Cartmell will show you how to teach your kids the right lessons, the right way.


Have your hopes of loving and cooperative sibling relationships been dashed against the reality of arguing, name-calling, and tattling? Loaded with humor and practical steps that you can put to work right away, Dr. Cartmell’s hands-on workshop will guide you through a three-part process for building close sibling relationships, teaching valuable “living together” skills, and making sure that respectful sibling behavior is the only thing that pays off.


Perfect for mid-sized groups, Dr. Cartmell will respond to participant’s parenting questions that have been collected prior to the workshop. Using the questions as launching points, Dr. Cartmell will provide practical, hands-on instruction on many of the how-to’s of discipline, teaching positive behavior, and handling the daily parenting situations that face us all.

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