Welcome to my first parenting blog.  By way of introduction, I am a child psychologist who has been working full-time with children, teens, families, and parents for the last 18 years.  This means I’ve seen lots of tantrums, defiance, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, ADHD, social problems, sibling problems, teasing, and a host of other issues.

Maybe you have too. 

Many of you know me from the several parenting books I’ve had the privilege to write and from the parenting workshops that I have presented for many years for organizations such as Hearts at Home, MOPS, various churches, and both public and private schools. 

But enough about me.  This blog is for you.  You have children that you love dearly.  However, they are not perfect and neither are you.  Sometimes, things run along pretty smoothly.  Then comes a bump in the road.  Or a flat out collision. 

Sometimes you handle the bumps and collisions pretty well.  Other times, you know you missed the mark.  We all have. 

I can remember a time when my youngest son, Luke, was pre-school aged and was throwing a royal fit when I cut off his supply of goldfish crackers.  Cruel, I know.  However, for a guy who doesn’t usually have much of a problem with anger, I was surprised at how frustrated I felt at my young son over such a typical behavior for his age.  It seems silly in retrospect, but I still remember it today.  I remember shouting at my young son and then feeling crushed when I saw the startled look on his little face.

I missed the mark.

In this blog, I will give you short, practical ideas that you can apply to issues that every parent comes face to face with.  Hopefully, these ideas will help you hit the mark more often than miss it.  We'll talk about:

    - Family communication

    - Discipline

    - Siblings

    - School

    - Friends

Just for fun, I have asked my wife, Lora, to join me in our discussions and to occasionally guest-blog to add a mother’s point of view.  I’m trusting that she won’t just give you her recipe for Snickerdoodles, though that’s not a bad idea. 

So, if something in a blog applies to your family, I’d love to hear back from you. 

    - Did the ideas help? 

    - How did you customize the ideas to make them work better for your kids? 

    - Do you have any ideas that you can briefly share to help or encourage other readers? 

    - Do you have any follow-up questions?   

To get us started, let me know if you have any questions or topics that you would like me to address in coming blogs.  These will not be just articles for you to read.  They will be conversations for us to have together as we all try to teach our kids the right lessons, the right way.

What parenting topics do you want to talk about?


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1. mother of four wrote:
Would love to see discussions on anger management - getting to the root cause and breaknig the generational curse that is anger.

Tue, April 9, 2013 @ 3:51 PM

2. Dr. Todd wrote:
Great topic. I see this a lot in my practice. I'll move anger control to the top of the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

Tue, April 9, 2013 @ 9:53 PM

3. Evelyn mera wrote:
Me gustaria que la página sea en eapñol. Soy de Perú.

Thu, November 28, 2019 @ 8:35 AM

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