The Flexible Thinking Game

  • The Flexible Thinking Game

The Flexible Thinking Game



The Flexible Thinking Game is designed to help children learn to think flexibly when situations don’t go the way they want. The focus is on what children THINK, or say to themselves in these situations.  You will practice home, school, and friendship situations such as when:

-They have to get ready for bed

-They need to stop playing a video game 

-They have to start their homework

-Their sports team loses a game

-They get a bad grade on a test

-A peer laughs when they make a mistake 

Flexible thinking will help your children learn to stay calm and make a good choice for what to say and do in these situations. The Flexible Thinking Game is easy to learn and a fun way to practice flexible thinking skills, problem-solving, perspective-taking, and making good choices.

Players: 2-4

Ages: Six and older.

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