Respect Matters

“Michael, will you please clean up your room?”
“Not right now.”
“Michael, I’d like you to get it done now please, before you go out to play.”
“Why?  I was just getting ready to go outside.  I told you I’ll do it later.”
“Listen Michael, I want you to clean up your room right now, do you understand?”
“Aww mom, why do you always do this to me?  Why can’t I just play for once?  You never make Brandon clean up his room.   You’re so unfair!”

I know what you’re thinking: Welcome to my world.

It seems like such a simple idea:  Let’s teach our kids to be respectful.  Yeah, and why don’t we teach them quantum physics at the same time. Well, take heart.  In this and coming blogs, I’m going to show you some effective ideas for how to turn this ship around.  Today, we’re going to start with understanding why being respectful is so important.

Why is it important to be respectful?  Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that each of us are God’s workmanship, hand-crafted to know and serve him for eternity.  Each one of us is valuable enough to God that he chose to die for us, to ransom us from our sin.  Not only are we valuable to God, we are valuable to our family.  How do you treat items that are incredibly valuable?  You treat them with respect.  Jesus instructs us to treat others as we would have them treat us (Luke 6:31).  Similarly, 1 Peter 2:17 tells us that we are to “show proper respect to everyone.”  Anyway you want to look at it, God wants us to treat each other with respect.  This is an important lesson that every child needs to learn.  In coming blogs, I’ll show you how.

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